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Waking up in your Hotel room, you notice something. You see a small motionless doll. Her face is forever stuck screaming in terror. When you get closer, you see sharp teeth in her mouth and a knife in her hands. You push her away and run! You only have one chance to escape from this Nightmare!

Explore your way threw the 15 randomized Rooms. Watch out for Monsters and deadly traps that block your way. The puzzles and deadly spikes also might hurt a little.  Only with creativity and persistence will you make it out alive!

Player 1 uses mouse/keyboard


Single Player
15 Randomized Rooms
A.I. Monster
3 Weapons  
Readable Notes and Hints
Unique Puzzles
   ...and many more!

Developer's Notes

This is the Alpha Build 0.1.0, there may be unexpected behaviors. If there are any errors which prevent the game from running, please leave a comment or email us at.


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 We hope you enjoy the Alpha Build of Uncle Nooks Monster Emporium. Please leave a comment down below for any questions or feedback. Follow us on any of our Social Media for more games and updates!




Updated 11 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreSurvival, Puzzle
TagsHorror, Roguelike, Unity


Uncle Nook's Mac Build Alpha.app.zip 126 MB
Uncle Nook's Monster Emporium.zip 131 MB


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A lot of fun, but I had no idea what I was doing. A very good time overall!

This game....was absolutely terrifying. Loved the way the monster glitched it's as it decided to chase you. Never did beat it but I loved it lots and look forward to any updates etc. Left you a follow and keep up the AMAZING work!!!

This game has some good concepts. I like the possibility of  more monsters and floors. I felt like the sprint meter was a little small and the hit range for the doll felt  arbitrary.  I'm not quite sure what the crystals were for. I liked the candle but didn't know why there were two cameras.  I got an ending, but not the best ending. I don't know how far away I was from the best ending. This game has a lot of potential. It could be great if it turned into something that was more challenging/satisfying  than frustrating/confusing. 

I appreciate the feedback and will take it into consideration. It is a truly a blessing to watch other people play our game. It helps and motivates us to keep moving forward with this project. (: thank you

GREAT JOBS and damn jumpscaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy